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The Blue Gap/Tachee Chapter was established in 1960 and Tachee was added to the chapter name to avoid confusion with Gap (Bodaway) and Lechee. Navajo culture remains strong in the community. Livestock still graze on customary lands. The Salina Trading Post was established in 1913 and the Black Mesa Trading Post was built in 1930.  In 1957, a day school was built at the Tahchee and Blue Gap area and in 1965 a Head Start program was started at Blue Gap. The chapter house, originally built in 1956, was renovated in 1995. A Senior Citizen Center is within the Chapter house since 1997. Most homes in the community do not have electricity and none of the residents have running water.
Quick Facts:

Blue Gap (NavajoTachíí/Bis Dootłʼizh Ndeeshgiizh) is an unincorporated community in Apache CountyArizonaUnited States. Blue Gap is on the Navajo Nation 22 miles (35 km) west of Chinle. Blue Gap has a post office with ZIP code 86520.

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